Jollibee Take Deux!

Here I sit at Jollibee again, yay me. I when and order food and I told the cashier that I wanted 2 B2 combos. She respond it will be 7 mins on the burgers. At first I did not understand her but after she repeat it again, I said that was ok, but she didn’t understand me, so I had to say it slower and I said kind of sarcastic in the way I respond to her, but you have to think about this, if didn’t want it and I would not have order it in the first place knowing I had to wait for it to be made. The she ask me if wanted one of the B2 combos, when I first order I said “I wanted 2 of them”, so that make me believe she was not listening to me when I first order it.

I Really Do Not Know What To Make of This!

Oct. 4, 11

Today, I sit here in my wife’s meeting for work and they got alcohol to drink because they had lunch. I are some chips and drank code and sprite I was ok, until i started to drink some Brady. The first drink I had was very little and I was ok, but the second glass u drank was about half of glass of it and not as I am writing this I am little drunk and I am not going to drink anything more. I got drunk very easy because I did not eat anything and my bod is metabolism the Brady quickly, so I ate some chips see if that would halp me. Right now u feel very light headed and very loose like I want to pass out. I am drunk a little as I an writing you. I was going to go swimming by myself until my wife after her meeting, I do think I should go by myself, so nothing happen to me. —Delete Page— —Delete Page—

Ok, it has been four days since I wrote this on my phone, while I was drinking. First off this was exactly what I wrote my phone word-for-word. As I was reading this I looked at the date and I seen it said “Oct. 4, 11” when it was really “Nov. 4, 11”. There was two more pages I wrote about daughter of an employee that was there playing with hermit crabs or something like that.. but I accidentally deleted both pages trying to write more pages.  I think, I might have scared her a little because of the way I was acting or she might have been use to it because a lot of people are alcoholics. In any case, I laid down and sleep for little bit and I was ok after about 1 hour or so. What I have learned I should not drink “Brandy” not “Brady” on empty stomach!

Just for any one that reads this, I do not drink alcohol by any means on regular bases because of problems in my family with alcoholism, so I stay a way from it as much as possible.

Jollibee The Movie

Today, I ate at a place called Jollibee. The place is the McDonald’s of the Philippines. I usually buy beef and rice meal, but today I bought a cheese burger called Yum with cheese. The price is very cheap for burger with small drink and fries it only about $1.25 USD. If you were to get the samething in the USA it would be about $3.99 to $4.99 USD. So all in all it is very cheap to eat here, but like any place if you eat out everyday it will get expensive.

I have also been to McDonald’s here in the Philippines and McDonald’s, here it sucks really bad compare to the US McDonald’s. When you get a burger from there the bun is not toasted at all. It tasted like they just baked them and did not bake long enough or they over heated them in a steamer. So, if come here go to Jollibee instead of McDonald’s that is my recommendation.

My New Home!

When I got here, I was excited to be here at last after so much time.  I was thinking this place was Vietnam just because of the rice farms and people going around in motorcycle taxi cabs.

At first I did not like it here because of the living conditions. The place I live in looks unfinished to “Western World” standards. There is running water and bathroom in the house, which is more then most people have here. When you have to cook anything there is no stove, but a wood burning fire stove or something that looks like one.  I have internet here, but it is not that good because of poor WiMax signal and it goes out at lot. They hand wash all the cloths here, too, which I think it cleans them better that way, but it takes long time to wash and dry them.

They have a spider called Huntsman Spider, which is as big as my hand and can move across a 8 foot wall in about 2 second and disappear. I have see about 4 or 5 since I been here. They also have roaches as big as my finger too. There is a picture of Huntsman Spider and roach that I took before I killed the spider.

Start of My Journey!

So, today I start my journey to different place in the world. I really do not know how it is going to end up. It was an emotional thing for my x-wife because she did not want me to leave. She cried a lot and I told her everything was going to be fine. I think she still care about me someone that part of her life and did not want to let me go, but I have to do this because I need a change and I need to be away from everyone. I have lived an unhappy life for such long time and I need to do something for myself. My life was about me working all the time at place i really did not like anymore and lots of time did not want to go to, but there was something I enjoyed about my job and the people I worked with.

So it begins with me being in airport at 5 am and standing in a long line of people and then going to another long line of people to get scanned by TSA. The amount of security they have is ridicules from taking my shoes off to taking my belt off.  I can understand that they have x-ray the bags and computers, but taking my shoes and belt off give me a brake.  The beginning of the flight was good and the pilot made smooth landing, it must been one of the best yet! Sitting here in the airport terminal on same really bad bench. I have almost six more hours here until my next flight…I really do not know what I am going to do and there is not WIFI here to connect to so..I have use my phone to connect to the internet. There is TSA employee sitting across from me..and he does not look very busy, but he is government employee and the do not work hard and get paid a lot.


There is a person I work with, I believe we have one of those Love-Hate Relationships. Not in the sense people might think of it. Even though we have very heated conversion about things, but we have respect for each other and I believe we both know that. For the most part people think when some uses the love in the same way, as being romantic type of love, but there is really four different  definition of that word in Greek.

Different Types of Love:

  • Paraphilia this is a Erotic Love.
  • Philia this is a Friendship Love.
  • Eros this is a Intimate Love.
  • Agape this is a Self-Sacrificing Love(Christian Love).

Devonwood Horse Show

Here I’m for my second day at the horse show at Devonwood in Sherwood, Oregon.

Yesterday, when I got here, I was looking for the mobile pizza trailer and I stop for a second to look around for it and out nowhere this horse came running by my car and almost hit it and the end up inside the stables and about one minute rider came by looking for it. Interesting thing is I think the horse threw the rider. Today is last day here. I really enjoyed working out here and the people are really nice and staff is really nice to work with.

Location of where I’m at in Sherwood, Oregon

Pictures from the Last time I was there two weeks ago.

Think For Yourself

The person that had there friend die about three weeks ago was talking about use a wegy board to talk to her dead friend. I told not do it because she could be inviting demons in to her house and can cause problems with her. She told me she touch it and was very scare that something was going to happen, I told her she was ok and I told her not even be in the same house if her friends were going do it. I tried to explain it to her that her friend was sleeping and he might be resurrected, but she really didn’t understand what I was talking about. So, I told her I would being something for her to read and maybe it will help her with coping with her friends death. I also gave her something about spiritism and story about person that had demon problems all their life. I was not sure if she had bible, so gave her one, too. She told me she had one, so I suggest she look all the scriptures in her bible and in the one I gave her and to make decision for herself about what it was saying and if she had any questions just to ask me. I think she end up talk to two people at work and made her change her mind about it.

The thing is that if would have not agreed with it was ok with me, but she never read it to make that choice and I think she let other people make that choice for that she should listen to what I had to say. All I wanted to is help her with questions she had about it and maybe help her understand a little better. From what I could tell whatever church she went to really did not teach her anything or she had very hard time understanding what was being said.

Later that night I found the stuff in my car was a sad that she didn’t read make choice for herself. Maybe, Satan had hand in not making her read and see what was right, it would not be the first time or last time he uses people not see what the true is about Jehovah and his word and lie about bible truths.

I know this will change my opinion about her and how she looks at things and how people influence her easy. It really hurt me when I saw what I gave her in my car, but I know she is in titled to her choice because of the actions taken I will not trust her anymore.  She said she was going to read and if she never intended to and give back to without me knowing then I have no other choice then to believe sue lied to me because of that I will not trust her anymore and will question everything at is saint me by her. I tried to do something good and took my time and this how I am treated and she I not deserving of my kindness anymore. More then likely she will never know and I never plan on telling her.

Death is Abundant!

I got bad news today my aunt’s father died sometime this week. I really did not know him that well, but when was over his house he was very nice to me. I know he was not doing good for while now and I know it was just matter of time before it was going to happen.

On another note, one of my co-workers friend died yeterday. From what I heard he was young around 16 or years old. I tried help her and make her feel better, done really if help her or not. Apparently, her friend drowned some where.

I remember, when I was in school and someone died who was in one of my classes. Did not know that well, but remember he was not nice to me. The strange thing is we were making joke that he was dead and we found out couple days later that he died that weekend of drug overdose and drown in small pool of water. Some man found him while he was practicing golfing in a field. They had a story on the news about him for doing something called huffing. We seen that there was something wrong but he lie about it.

How afraid am I?

I was at Panda Express today and there is this very cute manager that works at another one I go to. I was surprised to see her at the one I was at, which is not her store like every food place they barrow things from other locations. So, I thought I would try to get a picture of her.. I was able to get one she is looking right at me when I took and was smiling like she knew I was taking one. The picture was blurry, so tried another one and that one was less blurry. She is from Laos and very cute…I am to afraid to asked her out because I think I am not good enough for or anyone, so I never ask anyone out.