How I feel about the Press!

In her essay: World and America Watching Different Wars, Harman claims that American audiences are seeing and reading about a different war then the rest of the world (187).

While the American public is watching CNN, FOX, and other U.S. television networks, they are being censored to what is really going on in the war. The American public does not see the injustice to Iraqi citizens and protest that are against the Muslim world that Al Jazeera shows. Even though Al Jazeera is one sided, they still think they are telling the truth. She is basically saying that, if you want the truth about the matter, you should consider a verity of sources.

Personally, I think the U.S. Government censors the American people from what is going on in the world. In recent wars, you can see the government doing that, like in the Vietnam War. I think all the news sources are biases to world events. They want their message to a accepted as the truth. They do not want to be second guessed by other people, in other countries, that might show more gruesome picture of what is going on. Personally, I do not watch the news because of all the death and heartaches. Al Jazeera believes they will stir up the world by showing violent scenes to get majority the people on their side, but like Harman essay says, we have to look into different sources to find the truth of the matter..


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