I Really Do Not Know What To Make of This!

Oct. 4, 11

Today, I sit here in my wife’s meeting for work and they got alcohol to drink because they had lunch. I are some chips and drank code and sprite I was ok, until i started to drink some Brady. The first drink I had was very little and I was ok, but the second glass u drank was about half of glass of it and not as I am writing this I am little drunk and I am not going to drink anything more. I got drunk very easy because I did not eat anything and my bod is metabolism the Brady quickly, so I ate some chips see if that would halp me. Right now u feel very light headed and very loose like I want to pass out. I am drunk a little as I an writing you. I was going to go swimming by myself until my wife after her meeting, I do think I should go by myself, so nothing happen to me. —Delete Page— —Delete Page—

Ok, it has been four days since I wrote this on my phone, while I was drinking. First off this was exactly what I wrote my phone word-for-word. As I was reading this I looked at the date and I seen it said “Oct. 4, 11” when it was really “Nov. 4, 11”. There was two more pages I wrote about daughter of an employee that was there playing with hermit crabs or something like that.. but I accidentally deleted both pages trying to write more pages.  I think, I might have scared her a little because of the way I was acting or she might have been use to it because a lot of people are alcoholics. In any case, I laid down and sleep for little bit and I was ok after about 1 hour or so. What I have learned I should not drink “Brandy” not “Brady” on empty stomach!

Just for any one that reads this, I do not drink alcohol by any means on regular bases because of problems in my family with alcoholism, so I stay a way from it as much as possible.