I was watching Glee episodes after downloading them over 4 months ago. At first I did not understand it, but after watching for a while the kids were sing not in words, but in Sign Language. After a little bit one of the Glee kids starts sing and the rest of them join in with her. I was interesting scene and despite their not being able to speak they were happy


To The Persons Name I Can Not Say

I wait for your call and you never call…I call but I never get an answer…It is the same thing every time…”All circuits are busy now!” You say you will call, but you never do! I go another day depressed because I hope I would talk to you. My Hope turn into Desperation. My Desperation turns into Contempt. My Contempt turn into Nothing….. And I begin to think you where part of my imagination!

I have to think were you really ever there, but I second guess myself because something there keeps tell me that you were always there, but the reality is you were hard to see though the prism of emotions.

This just goes back to am I a Foolish person?


House M.D.

I was watching the last episode of season 4 of House M.D. and it was interesting one. At one point in the show i was not sure what was reality or not, but what was really sad it what happen to him at the end of the show. He committed himself to a Psychiatric Hospital and they play the song As Tears Go By from the Rolling Stones. This is sad song about the person losing something..I do not know if it child or another person close to them. It was kind of fitting song for the last few minutes of the show because the person that Lisa Cuddy was not happy even though she was at a wedding and the person she was in-love with was getting committed to psychiatric hospital. You could see it on her face.