My New Home!

When I got here, I was excited to be here at last after so much time.  I was thinking this place was Vietnam just because of the rice farms and people going around in motorcycle taxi cabs.

At first I did not like it here because of the living conditions. The place I live in looks unfinished to “Western World” standards. There is running water and bathroom in the house, which is more then most people have here. When you have to cook anything there is no stove, but a wood burning fire stove or something that looks like one.  I have internet here, but it is not that good because of poor WiMax signal and it goes out at lot. They hand wash all the cloths here, too, which I think it cleans them better that way, but it takes long time to wash and dry them.

They have a spider called Huntsman Spider, which is as big as my hand and can move across a 8 foot wall in about 2 second and disappear. I have see about 4 or 5 since I been here. They also have roaches as big as my finger too. There is a picture of Huntsman Spider and roach that I took before I killed the spider.