Superferry Day 1

Shortly, I will be on my way to Manila abroad a cruise ship if can all it. We got onboard the ship very early, it was almost three hours before we has to leave. I walked around the ship before we left, it was not that big only took me about ten minutes to do it. Because it was so late we took and gpt some food from the galley, upon going into it the ceiling was so low that it only was about two inches from my head and if I did not watch I could hit sprinkle in the ceiling. The food is expensive on he ship and having the bags taken to the ship was expensive also. Everyone takes advantage of you because you are a foreigner and I really do not like it. If you do not give them what they want they will stay there, until you give the money they want. When you get there ten people come to you try to take everything you so you spend all you money just taking bags into to place you have to go.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Today, I went to Crater Lake National Park. I was on the most amazing thing that I have even seen. The drive was lone from where I lived at, it was more then 4 hours one way. About two months ago, I when to see that place, but being smart person that I am, I typed Carter Lake into the GPS and not Crater Lake by the time I figured it out it was to late to go there because it was an another three in half hours from where I was at and I really did not want to drive it.

When I got here it was something that I have never seen before in my life. The water was so blue, it was like it was not real because water that is you see in the ocean and rivers are kind of green color. From reading, the water is like that because there are no river going to it. The water it gets is from melting snow and raid fall. That was another thing I seen was patches of snow ever where still, which I would have thought it would have melted by now, but think because of the height of the mountain it stays cold there. The highest point that I could see we were at was about 6978 feet above sea level. Getting phone reception was spotty up there. I was on phone with a friend of mine and depending where I was at on the mountain the reception cut in and out. There was person that ask what phone company I had too because he was not able to get a signal there.

The crater part of the lake was made by volcano many years ago. If was to walk around were the lake part of the mountain is you more then likely would find volcanic rocks  or black granite. I know I found black granite as i was driving up the mountain and I took some from the mountain to use a paper weight. There is some interesting information about Mount Mazama on Wikipedia.


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Atfalati Park, Taulatin, Oregon

I was walking in the park and seen these little reptile creatures on the trail at first I thought they were geckos, but friend of mine told me they were salamanders.

Update: December 14, 09, I came home tonight and I seen one of those salamanders in my room by my closet. The this is that I do not know how they are coming the downstairs. I would think though the door in closet, but I taped that off so no cold air or anything can get it. I tried to get picture of it, I scared it and it went and hide under something in the closet. I was ok with it being in the there, it was cold outside and must have been lot warmer inside for it.