Bra stops bullet

A Detroit woman’s life may have been saved by her bra after it deflected a bullet.

Police say she was looking out of her window when one of three burglars raiding a neighbour’s home fired the shot.

The bullet smashed through her window pane before hitting the bra’s underwire – but it didn’t penetrate her skin.

The 57-year-old woman, who was not identified, was treated at a nearby hospital, reports Metro.

Detroit police Officer Leon Rahmaan said: “It did slow the bullet down. She sustained injuries but they’re not life threatening.”

Police believe she went to the window after hearing the burglar alarm at the house next door. The burglars drove off after the shooting

Courtesy of Ananova

Cop’s Jedi way of life

A Scottish police officer has confessed to following the Jedi faith beloved of Star Wars film fans.

Pam Fleming, a 45-year-old beat officer in Glasgow for Strathclyde Police, said that she thought all police officers “should be Jedis,” when interviewed by Jane’s Police Review.

“For me, it is not a joke,” she said. “Being a Jedi is a way of life. I love the Star Wars films and the concept of being a Jedi, that the faith is not divisive.”

Ms Fleming said she knew of other Jedis in Strathclyde Police – the force apparently has eight in total, according to a recent survey.

She told The Sun she uses Jedi mind tricks to get the truth out of suspects during interviews.

However, Ms Fleming said she does not use her powers to influence what suspects say or do.

“I have even started calling my probationer as a joke my Padawan (Jedi apprentice),” she said, “although I am not sure he likes that.”

According to Britain’s Office for National Statistics, a total of 390,000 people in England and Wales listed their religion as Jedi in the most recent census in 2001.

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Breast milk cheese served at art show

Cheese made with breast milk has been served at the launch of a new art exhibition in London.

Mexican artist Raul Ortega Ayala named the show “Alejandra Ortiz-Reynoso”, after the woman who donated the milk, the Daily Express reported.

The cheese is designed to “explore our first encounter with food, emphasising its territoriality and boundaries”, according to the artist.

A spokeswoman said: “He makes the cheese in the normal way – it’s just a standard process.

“The women donate the milk to him voluntarily.”

The cheese was served simply, with a more traditional accompaniment of crackers.

Ayala’s next work, “Obituary Menus”, will recreate the food which presidents, public figures, mass murderers and cavemen ate before they died.

Mother-in-law survives rocket attack

A desperate husband tried to kill his mother-in-law with an anti-tank missile launcher after claiming she’d turned his wife against him.

Bosnian Miroslav Miljici wanted revenge after blaming his wife’s mum for the break-up of his marriage.

And when his mother-in-law survived the rocket attack on her home, he tried to finish her off with a machine gun, a court in Doboj, Bosnia, was told.

Amazingly, she survived both attacks with barely a scratch, judges heard.

In defence Miljici – jailed for six years for attempted murder – told the court he could no longer take his mother-in-law’s nagging.