I Love You, Beth Cooper


I went to see the movie I love You, Beth Cooper, it was a movie about high school students. The valedictorian of the graduating class gave this speech that were he confused his love for this girl, who was the head cheerleader. In the speech he pointed out issue with other people in the class, but he really wanted to tell her much he love her. He love her from the seventh grade and always sat behind her in all the class he had with her, but he never talked to her.  He had an idea of who she was, but his image of her innocents is why he does it.  As the movie goes on he really see who Beth Cooper is, she was not the cute cheerleader over his bed, but she is this wild girl. She save him a few times from her jealous boyfriend and one of the most funny things she does is hits him with the car, but it was the way she was driving is why it was funny. She when she stop, she slide sideways and hit him with the back end of her car and made him fly about 30 feet.He ask her to a party he is having for his graduation, but the only people that showed up were her and two of her friends. They though it would have been funny to do that. But as the movie goes on she end up like him and see him for the person he really is. He really see her for what she is and he still in-love her even though everything that happen. At on point in the movie, she wanted some beer and she got by kiss this guy for it. At that point he lost that image of her and she looked sad because he said, “She was not Beth Cooper.” He did not think she heard him but she did. Another funny scene in the movie is where his friend takes and beats up these three army men with a wet towel.

I would go and see it again. It is sad but funny movie about these teenagers see who they really are. What their life is going to be like. One thing that made me think of high school is the song that Violet Columbus sings (Forget Me) It about leaving school and people do not keep in touch with each other after school.

Rating: ★★★★½