Stolen Picture

So, I was in the same ferry going to Camiguin Island and was walking around and I seen this lady sleeping on this bench in pilote area of the ship, so I took a picture of her.

Later, I seen that she was awake, so I tried to get picture of laying there facing me, but she moved before I could get the picture because she seen me, but I got one of her. I talked to her for little bit and got couple more pictures of her.

I have taken pictures of other people her mainly Julieta’s sisters and I have notice they take and put like peace sign with there fingers when taking the pictures, so I ask her why she does that and she told because it her look cute. I can agree with that she does look cute doing that. After talking I said bye to her and she thank me for taken stolen pictures of her.

So, little while longer I took couple of more of her without her noticing again because she was working.

Cool or Not?

I was taking a ferry to Camiguin Island in the Philippines and there was this guy sitting in front of me, I took a picture of him for your enjoyment.


There young lady behind us, too, so, I that it would be good that her picture, too. She looks like Miss Cool in those sun glasses.


So, because of the way they both look I dub this post Mr. and Mrs. Cool!


I Find This Depressing

In the US (United States), I like going to cemeteries because of the history that presented in the people that were buried there. I have couple of post about cemeteries i have been to in the US and some pictures of the people that are laid to rest there. So, I decide to go the a cemetery here in the Philippines. I was in Manila visiting Julieta’s sisters and there was cemetery near where they live at.

I do not find cemetery depressing, but when I went into this one..I found very depressing. Most of the people were not buried in the ground, but in granitic crypts or cement crypts above ground. I have very eery feeling about seeing that. There was husband and wife that die within few days of each other and that was sad and they had picture of them on the crypt. As I was walking though the place I seen sheep or goats in the cemetery eating grass, which i do not think that is good idea but…how knows! I saw on of the granitic crypts that was not being used and it had back part out of it. It was eery in itself just looking where they put the person at.

All-in-all I find cemeteries here very depressing unlike in the US…or down right scary sometimes.

Oh, on the Day of the Dead, I was on bus that went past this place that look like house, but I was really big cemetery..that interesting…

Jollibee Take Deux!

Here I sit at Jollibee again, yay me. I when and order food and I told the cashier that I wanted 2 B2 combos. She respond it will be 7 mins on the burgers. At first I did not understand her but after she repeat it again, I said that was ok, but she didn’t understand me, so I had to say it slower and I said kind of sarcastic in the way I respond to her, but you have to think about this, if didn’t want it and I would not have order it in the first place knowing I had to wait for it to be made. The she ask me if wanted one of the B2 combos, when I first order I said “I wanted 2 of them”, so that make me believe she was not listening to me when I first order it.

Jollibee The Movie

Today, I ate at a place called Jollibee. The place is the McDonald’s of the Philippines. I usually buy beef and rice meal, but today I bought a cheese burger called Yum with cheese. The price is very cheap for burger with small drink and fries it only about $1.25 USD. If you were to get the samething in the USA it would be about $3.99 to $4.99 USD. So all in all it is very cheap to eat here, but like any place if you eat out everyday it will get expensive.

I have also been to McDonald’s here in the Philippines and McDonald’s, here it sucks really bad compare to the US McDonald’s. When you get a burger from there the bun is not toasted at all. It tasted like they just baked them and did not bake long enough or they over heated them in a steamer. So, if come here go to Jollibee instead of McDonald’s that is my recommendation.