Think For Yourself

The person that had there friend die about three weeks ago was talking about use a wegy board to talk to her dead friend. I told not do it because she could be inviting demons in to her house and can cause problems with her. She told me she touch it and was very scare that something was going to happen, I told her she was ok and I told her not even be in the same house if her friends were going do it. I tried to explain it to her that her friend was sleeping and he might be resurrected, but she really didn’t understand what I was talking about. So, I told her I would being something for her to read and maybe it will help her with coping with her friends death. I also gave her something about spiritism and story about person that had demon problems all their life. I was not sure if she had bible, so gave her one, too. She told me she had one, so I suggest she look all the scriptures in her bible and in the one I gave her and to make decision for herself about what it was saying and if she had any questions just to ask me. I think she end up talk to two people at work and made her change her mind about it.

The thing is that if would have not agreed with it was ok with me, but she never read it to make that choice and I think she let other people make that choice for that she should listen to what I had to say. All I wanted to is help her with questions she had about it and maybe help her understand a little better. From what I could tell whatever church she went to really did not teach her anything or she had very hard time understanding what was being said.

Later that night I found the stuff in my car was a sad that she didn’t read make choice for herself. Maybe, Satan had hand in not making her read and see what was right, it would not be the first time or last time he uses people not see what the true is about Jehovah and his word and lie about bible truths.

I know this will change my opinion about her and how she looks at things and how people influence her easy. It really hurt me when I saw what I gave her in my car, but I know she is in titled to her choice because of the actions taken I will not trust her anymore.  She said she was going to read and if she never intended to and give back to without me knowing then I have no other choice then to believe sue lied to me because of that I will not trust her anymore and will question everything at is saint me by her. I tried to do something good and took my time and this how I am treated and she I not deserving of my kindness anymore. More then likely she will never know and I never plan on telling her.