Start of My Journey!

So, today I start my journey to different place in the world. I really do not know how it is going to end up. It was an emotional thing for my x-wife because she did not want me to leave. She cried a lot and I told her everything was going to be fine. I think she still care about me someone that part of her life and did not want to let me go, but I have to do this because I need a change and I need to be away from everyone. I have lived an unhappy life for such long time and I need to do something for myself. My life was about me working all the time at place i really did not like anymore and lots of time did not want to go to, but there was something I enjoyed about my job and the people I worked with.

So it begins with me being in airport at 5 am and standing in a long line of people and then going to another long line of people to get scanned by TSA. The amount of security they have is ridicules from taking my shoes off to taking my belt off.  I can understand that they have x-ray the bags and computers, but taking my shoes and belt off give me a brake.  The beginning of the flight was good and the pilot made smooth landing, it must been one of the best yet! Sitting here in the airport terminal on same really bad bench. I have almost six more hours here until my next flight…I really do not know what I am going to do and there is not WIFI here to connect to so..I have use my phone to connect to the internet. There is TSA employee sitting across from me..and he does not look very busy, but he is government employee and the do not work hard and get paid a lot.