Superferry Day 3

Day started about three forty-five in the morning! At that time there was still about nine hours left on the trip. It was cloudy when today was going talk photo of sunrise, but can not.

Taking my walk around the ship I notice the chickens I made joke about yesterday where gone. Julieta said they killed them and we ate them for breakfast, which was not to appealing to me, so I have to her and she didn’t eat all of it. Before we left this old lady ask for so I gave to her.

One of the people I took picture has this interesting marks on the back of her neck, it kind of looks like frog or butterfly burned into her skin. I think you would have never seen it, if her hair was not up, but it hard see anyway. I think she is an attractive lady.


As of writing this there is four half more hours and everyone is getting ready to get off the boat.

The crew is getting everything back from the passages like sheets and pillows.

There was this young lady named Lynn (I think) took and meet some guy the first day and last night she slept / had sex with him the last night we were on the boat. Only reason why I say that the were moving around to much at four in the morning to just be sleeping. Later that day it look like she know the person or it was her boyfriend, but I am not sure still.


There is a group of woman here that are being very noise. I have no idea why they are so loud, but you can hear the over everyone else in the area I am at.

One thing I have notice is, here in this country, when comes to jobs with any company they have skinny attractive women working at them. This company is no different all the female employees are good looking for the most part and have very thin bodies.

They boat was doing contest and Julieta thought they said they wanted e-ticket, but when I got up there, I ask what they wanted and it was “kikay kit” which is lipstick or compact makeup and the said maybe your wife or girlfriend or lover has one, so I had a lover and was her and kind of put on the spot and laugh about it. I didn’t say this, but I was going to tell her that I was handsome enough for her? I would like to see the reaction form that.

Superferry Day 2

Day two was ok. Not much going on. The ship stopped in Cebu, Philippines for about three hours. We where going to to the mall there, but was enough time because we had to be back on the ship two hours before we left. Interesting people on the boat. Later that night I was taking random pictures of people around me. There was group of people on left that wanted me take photo of them and after I took the photo thy offered me food to eat, they were nice people. I don’t know if they all knew each other. On walking around the ship I seen a live stock area with some chickens that was interesting. I was one of the crew if they had to buy a ticket, too, and that person said yes, but I think he had no idea what I said and just said yes to me.

Walking around the ship I have seen that most of the ship is empty.

Julieta got some good sunset photos later at night. It was for most part very clear last night. I was walking on the deck and I seen this lightening storm, I tried to get video of it, but cloud cover was blocking it. I was able see it better the first time before I when back to get my phone. It would been cool looking, the sky was all black and you would seen flash of light in the distance.

Superferry Day 1

Shortly, I will be on my way to Manila abroad a cruise ship if can all it. We got onboard the ship very early, it was almost three hours before we has to leave. I walked around the ship before we left, it was not that big only took me about ten minutes to do it. Because it was so late we took and gpt some food from the galley, upon going into it the ceiling was so low that it only was about two inches from my head and if I did not watch I could hit sprinkle in the ceiling. The food is expensive on he ship and having the bags taken to the ship was expensive also. Everyone takes advantage of you because you are a foreigner and I really do not like it. If you do not give them what they want they will stay there, until you give the money they want. When you get there ten people come to you try to take everything you so you spend all you money just taking bags into to place you have to go.