Superferry Day 1

Shortly, I will be on my way to Manila abroad a cruise ship if can all it. We got onboard the ship very early, it was almost three hours before we has to leave. I walked around the ship before we left, it was not that big only took me about ten minutes to do it. Because it was so late we took and gpt some food from the galley, upon going into it the ceiling was so low that it only was about two inches from my head and if I did not watch I could hit sprinkle in the ceiling. The food is expensive on he ship and having the bags taken to the ship was expensive also. Everyone takes advantage of you because you are a foreigner and I really do not like it. If you do not give them what they want they will stay there, until you give the money they want. When you get there ten people come to you try to take everything you so you spend all you money just taking bags into to place you have to go.