Superferry Day 2

Day two was ok. Not much going on. The ship stopped in Cebu, Philippines for about three hours. We where going to to the mall there, but was enough time because we had to be back on the ship two hours before we left. Interesting people on the boat. Later that night I was taking random pictures of people around me. There was group of people on left that wanted me take photo of them and after I took the photo thy offered me food to eat, they were nice people. I don’t know if they all knew each other. On walking around the ship I seen a live stock area with some chickens that was interesting. I was one of the crew if they had to buy a ticket, too, and that person said yes, but I think he had no idea what I said and just said yes to me.

Walking around the ship I have seen that most of the ship is empty.

Julieta got some good sunset photos later at night. It was for most part very clear last night. I was walking on the deck and I seen this lightening storm, I tried to get video of it, but cloud cover was blocking it. I was able see it better the first time before I when back to get my phone. It would been cool looking, the sky was all black and you would seen flash of light in the distance.