Who Really Cares!?

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. – Elbert Hubbard

I ask the question, “Who really cares!?” Anyone that knows anyone should ask this question, why, you might ask, it is easy to answer. If you are the one that is taking your time out to talk to them and they do not respond to you or even just to say “hello” to you. When you ask the person, why they can not even say “hello” and the response is an excuse why they can not do it. I well know that we all have busy lives, but not so busy not to say “hello” to the people we are close to. Ask yourself this: “How would you feel, if that person was doing that to you?” If you take the time out communicate with them and they do not care enough to respond to you.

I am guilty of this, like everyone else is, too. You contact the person, when you need something and you expect the person to drop whatever they are doing just to help you, but if we all had better communication with each other and really care about how the other person is, then we would not have this problem. The problem would be they are reluctant do anything for you because you are just contacting them because you need something.

I have couple of friends that I try to message or call everyday to see how they are, but most of the time.. I can not contact them with calling them and also, messaging goes unanswered 99% of the time and the things is I know they read the messages I send them, because messaging software indicates they have read it. So, how would this make you feel? I have one friend that ask if they wanted to talk and I get a response like this, “Why?” and “Talk about what?” that has to make you feel sad because you want just to see how the person is doing and they respond to you like this. From the response, they do not really care that you took out your time to talk to them. Also, I feel sorry for even saying anything to that person because the way they acted. They could just said “Hello” by doing that, it would show some sort of compassion for the other person. By responding like that it is like saying, “Why are you bothering me!”

When you do not message the person anymore. Does the person care enough to see if you are alright because all of sudden you are not trying to communicate with them anymore. No they do not! Days will go by and nothing at all. By the non-response of you trying to talk to them, does not make them think something might be wrong. No, they just go on with their normal life like nothing is wrong and you do not mean anything to them, just another random person in the world, they do not have care about.

As I a writing this.. I am thinking. We should not be friends with people like that because they need to meet you halfway. In any kind of relationship, you have to put work into it and if not you will see the other person is not worth your time anymore. I know I am getting sick of people not caring and I bet you are feeling the same way.