Life is all about little square box!?

I am working at AffiniTea today. I am guilty of this just as the people whom are reading this entry. I seen lots of different people come and go today.. Since I am here for few hours, but one thing is content variable in every equation. Everyone is to busy using their phones! Most of them do not have conversion at all. There is group of three people to the right of me that has been here for about one hour and not really talking to each other, but stuck to their little square boxes. There are two teenagers, which looks like they are on date or something that are doing the same thing… not talking really at all. There is another that looks boyfriend and girlfriend, but they are talking to one another the most out all them.. but the girl is still using her little square box. what has happen to conversion!? IT IS DEAD!!! because of these little square boxes.. Everyone lives is in the little square boxes now..