Stolen Picture

So, I was in the same ferry going to Camiguin Island and was walking around and I seen this lady sleeping on this bench in pilote area of the ship, so I took a picture of her.

Later, I seen that she was awake, so I tried to get picture of laying there facing me, but she moved before I could get the picture because she seen me, but I got one of her. I talked to her for little bit and got couple more pictures of her.

I have taken pictures of other people her mainly Julieta’s sisters and I have notice they take and put like peace sign with there fingers when taking the pictures, so I ask her why she does that and she told because it her look cute. I can agree with that she does look cute doing that. After talking I said bye to her and she thank me for taken stolen pictures of her.

So, little while longer I took couple of more of her without her noticing again because she was working.