Wireless Security Test Answers

I was taking my wireless security test and the instructor had some very funny answers to the question, so i thought I would post some of the answers.

  • What is Wireless Zero Configuration:
    It means that wireless NICs can no longer be configured to work on a Windows machine unless it is approved by Microsoft.
  • How do some commercial Access Points manufacturers create fake Access Points:
    • Each commercial Access Point is packaged with a number of fake Access Points made of painted cardboard that look exactly like a real access point. These are installed in prominent locations to fool potential hackers.
    • The fake Access Points are full-function Access Points, but they are not connected to any network. They can be bought in volume at a discounted price.
    • Transducers that are sometimes used in Microwave Ovens are repurposed for use as fake Access Points. They are discretely distributed near the legitimate Access Points.
  • What does an RF jammer do:
    It sends out a Right Frontal lobe signal that distorts the SSID, causing user networks to run slow, as if they are pushing through jam.