Waiting for Our Guide

We went to meeting on Sunday and was talking to one of the brothers there and he told us about English congregation we could go to.  Later that day we were going to meet him outside the Kingdom Hall, so he could take us there.  The ride to the place is about two hours from where we live at. When we got there, there was Japaneses congregation having meeting at that time, he thought the English congregation was there, but it was earlier in the morning. The brothers and sisters we talk to told when the English meet, we talked for while and one of the brother told us about place to rent that was near the Kingdom Hall. We checked it out and it was right next to the another Kingdom Hall. I was kind of a secure place and I use the kind of loosely. The brother that was with us got question by the guards at the gate about what he was doing there and me they saluted me as I walk-in and said hello to me. They did not ask me why I was there or nothing. It is interesting how I am treated different then the people that live here sometimes.