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Where I work at there is customer that comes in at least once or twice a week and orders pizza. I usually get to talk to for few minutes and one of the last times he was in, we were talking about the jobs he had and he told me that does podcast, so I ask for the address so could listen to it. I was not sure what it was about. I listen to about half of the most current one and notice it was about games, so I when back to listen to the very first one that was in the RSS and it gave me little background on the people that are in the podcast. Everyone that is part of this podcast were in some way employed by Game Crazy either at Hollywood Video or before it was bought by Hollywood Video. They talk about about all different Console Systems and games they have played or going to play for them. It was interesting in the first podcast I was listening to they were talking about Play Station and Play Station 2 and the podcast was in June 05, 2010, but I thought there was Play Station 3 out already, but I might be wrong. I have not listen to them all, but I wonder if they have reviews on PC games, too and not just Console Games. Just a side note, my wife use have Alienware PC, too until she broke it and she only had for 8 months, just mention it  because I heard that couple of the people on the podcast have Alienware PCs.

Castlevania is one the best games for Nintendo systems back in 1980’s. I still remember playing that game, when i was 13 or 14 years old. I played the first 3 or 4 Castlevania’s for the NES and the one for the SNES. I think i still have an arcade version that I use with MAME emulator that play from time to time. I am more of a Old School Arcade and computer games person. I had few console systems but notice the graphics were a lot better on PC then on console systems. Probably the best system I had was the TurboGrafx-16 systems, It did catch on like the other system even though it was lot better system and one thing it did way before other game console system was it had CD-ROM games, which I think at that time no-one had that type of system. The other system that was very good and cost a lot of money was the NEO-GEO system. That console system was just as good as the game in the arcade machines that was produced by SNK. I also played Super Mario World and beat it 3 time(I think it was all the save game spot it had) and got all the special Star Worlds, too. I just remember, I have one of those Virtual Boy, too, I think I bought for about $30.00 or so, when they stop making them. Played some for while and you did get bad head aches from playing it.

I think this is worth checking out, if you like video games and hear some reviews on new games coming out.

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