Captain Chaos has retired for Good!

Well, I do not know how many of you people know who Captain Chaos is, but he is a character Cannon Ball Run Movies. He was part of my childhood memories. As I was doing this post, I was look for videos… And…I came across some very funny ones of him and his alter-ego Victor..

In the first Cannonball Run film, Pamela (Farrah Fawcett) asks Victor how he came to know Captain Chaos. Victor explains as follows:

When I was real young, I didn’t have any friends like I do now, like J.J., and…well, like J.J. One day, I was in the schoolyard, nine guys were beatin’ me up pretty good, and there he was. Dun dun DUNNN!…out of the blue! Pow! Slam! Bam! Baff! I sure was grateful! Nobody bothered me at school after that.

If want some more information about Captain Chaos on Wikipedia or Dom DeLuise.