Something sad that happen

A couple of days ago, I was driving on the street I live on. There are a lot of squirrels on the road because of hazelnut trees that are on the road. I seen this squirrel as i was driving, I know it seen me, I did not think it was going to go across the street, but he tried to do it. I tried to miss him, but I know I hit the squirrel because I heard it. The fact that hit it was not the problem, but it was that i seen that it was still alive after I hit it. I seen the squirrel moving and I got very sad and depress because of it. It was still alive for about 1 minute after hitting it. See the squirrel suffer in pain like that was more sad then knowing i killed him because something like that should not suffer because of accident. Later that night when i went home, someone took the squirrel out of street, but i could still see the pool of blood on the ground where I killed him.