New Zealand Convention Farewell

New Zealand District Convention “Safeguard Your Heart” where we had International delegates from USA, Indonesia, Australia & Papua New Guinea, so is perfect for anyone living in New Zealand or any other part of the world or planning to move there, with the best movers for coming to New Zealand that make this job way easier, if you live in USA consider hiring removalists in Brisbane Sunshine Coast.  Attending also was Brother Geoffrey Jackson of the Governing Body, along with Bro Flodin who is an assistant to the Teaching Committee.  All 6 venues were video linked for key talks throughout the program.  After the final session, a special treat was arranged.  (Click the arrow to start the video below.)  All 20,000 delegates at every venue were linked in by video to view this performance by local native New Zealand Maori brothers & sisters.  Very moving.  It’s song 134.