How Do You Measure Your Life?

I was cleaning things up around my little place I live in and I came across something stuff that my wife gave me a long time ago. One of the things was a web page she wrote for me ten years after me proposing to her. In this letter she was scared that know cared about her anymore and that i did not care about her anymore and that she cried thinking about that. The things is I forgot that I had that until I was looking though my stuff. In it she also ask me if remember were I proposed to her at and what i had with me. The thing is I do remember were I did it and what I had with me. Then I found a award for the “Best Husband” that she made for me about 3 months after we were married. I just look back on my marriage with her and wonder why I got that award because I do not think I was not good husband. Sometime, I was good husband to her and other times I was not, but with every marriage you have problems, but you should work things out no matter what happens.

This year we have been married for 12 years and for most people in my family that is longtime. As my marriage to her comes to an end, I have think back on what made me happy and what made me sad throughout the whole time. As think about it, I hope thing there was more happy things then anything else. Even though we had very hard almost 4 years apart, It was not the happiest time in my life because when you live with someone for so long, you grow to depend on that person to help you in you life.

How do you measure your life?