Bellagios Pizza Parking Lot Drama

I was getting off work tonight and there was crash outside in the parking lot. The person went halfway though the parking lot and taking out two trees before stopping. The guy in the vehicle was going about 45 mph or faster to take out those trees. The manager should be glad he was not working because where that guy went though, he normally parks his car and it would have totalled the his car. After the EMS removed him from the vehicle, I notice the driver only had broken finger, but he was still taken the hospital. I was talking to one person there and she said that her daughter went to the hospital emergency room because she was in shock because the guy almost hit her and she was not happy. She wanted to hurt him for scaring her daughter like that, but he was already going to the hospital and she seem happy because of that. Some people ask me if he was on drugs or drinking, I said, “I really do not know and he look fine to me.”

Pictures after the crash of vehicle taken by me and JT
The Last two pictures are panorama views of the crash site.

Video of the vehicle being put right side up taken by JT

Doctors Visit!

I went to the doctors today to see if had the H1N1 Virus, which I did not think I had, so she said I have Upper Respiratory Infection, so she gave me prescription for Pseudoephedr. The common side effects of the medication: Difficulty urinating; dizziness; headache; nausea; nervousness; restlessness; sleeplessness; stomach irritation. From the common side effect that make someone think twice about taking the medication, you would rather live with the problem then have more issue because of something you take to make yourself better!

I do not think I can be worst off because I have problems sleeping already, but I do not have any of the issue in the list.

A Manager I am NOT!

I was talking with my manager today and I found out that I am very bad manager. I have never been in real position where I was manager. The last job I work at, the district manager never made me a real assist manager because he never thought I could do that job. I only had the title to get paid more money. As I think about it, I really think he is right about it. I do not think I can handle the stress of the people, but I use to be network administrator and that job is more stressful then this one, but why can not handle it? What I believe is “I am a babysitter”, what I need to do, is to have better control of the people that are around me. I think, I give them to much latitude in what they do and I need to stop doing that. I need to nice to them, but still be control of what is going on and that I am not to what I think. What I need to do is learn how not to micromanage people, I have been told I do that. I have to have better respect for people. When I say things, I have do it more polite way.