A Manager I am NOT!

I was talking with my manager today and I found out that I am very bad manager. I have never been in real position where I was manager. The last job I work at, the district manager never made me a real assist manager because he never thought I could do that job. I only had the title to get paid more money. As I think about it, I really think he is right about it. I do not think I can handle the stress of the people, but I use to be network administrator and that job is more stressful then this one, but why can not handle it? What I believe is “I am a babysitter”, what I need to do, is to have better control of the people that are around me. I think, I give them to much latitude in what they do and I need to stop doing that. I need to nice to them, but still be control of what is going on and that I am not to what I think. What I need to do is learn how not to micromanage people, I have been told I do that. I have to have better respect for people. When I say things, I have do it more polite way.