As I Sit Alone

As I sit alone here at Washington Square Mall, I see lots of people with others, but for me, I am alone. There was a guy sitting next to me. He was talking to a family member about a trip he took last year and how much it cost. He had one business call and he called at least one company about a balance on an account he had. I see what type life I have..It’s lonely one that I do the same thing over and over everyday. When I came in I held open the door for this young lady..Something I would have done if would done for anyone. Later that same young lady sat by me when she ate her dinner. I think she when to same place I got food at. I see people walk by that look happy, but I really can not tell if they are or they are not happy. There is family sitting behind me and the baby is crying and screaming and her mother telling her no for some reason. I see the mall employees constantly working to keep the place clean for everyone. Back to young lady that was sitting by me, she was attractive Asian, maybe Filipino or Thai and from what I could tell she was not married and had bag from Northstrom in her hand that she carry in from the car. More people come and go, but I Sit Alone, not even getting phone call, but who is going to call me? Work? Ex-Wife? Friend? No-One!

People have stories to tell, but I have no story to tell because I have nothing interesting to say. Just like this my blog, who really reads it? From what I can see its Goolge Bot, BlogPulseLive, Baiduspider+, Q9 Networks Inc., Amazon, Inc., but are there any real people that look at other then Search Bot? I really do not know. I had one person I know tell me the looks at it.. I got 139 Vistors, 498 Pageviews, 1368 Spider for December so far, but is the vistors real or just automated computer programs logon and cataloguing my website?

I did have someone that I know come up to me and talking to me for brief moment. Which I like that, it made me be notice, which that does not happen very much. I am for the most part invisible to everyone. Even when in a room of people that I know I am still invisible to the people there.