Who is really REAL?

I went to the mall today to get something to eat at this Japanese place. I use to eat there a lot when I was in Ohio. As i sat there eating and doing some of my homework (did not get much done), I started to watch the people that were walking around me. There is a very interesting bunch of people that are here. But who is really REAL? Must of the people here are mall employees most of them are dress up in nice cloths. Even though they are dress in nice cloths, what is wrong with them. Are they trying to be something they are not? There are two people that are siding to left of me that were waiting for a person to show up, after about 30 minutes the person showed up. This person in dress in blue pin strip shirt and some dark colored tie and dark colored pants. He does not have anything that would draw attraction to himself, he has looks like normal person.

On thing I never understood is, when females dress they dress to be notice. Wearing tight and revealing cloths. There was one young lady that was kind of running and she had this wife beater shirt on that showed her breast and she was not any older then 16 or 17 years old, maybe young. She keep her hands over her shirt so her breast would not come out because as she was running, she was jumping too.

I was in line at the other day at the groceries store and this attractive old lady was wearing low cut shirt that showed herself off and as she was taking things out of the cart she keep something over herself so nothing was shown. I was not even pay attention to her, but I took an move behind her, so she did not have to do that. why do they wear cloths like that and think people will look at them. Some people like and get off to it, but the other just do to be sexy looking so people look at them.

They people portend to be something they are not and they are not real! They are conforming to socially around them and that is tell them who and to act.