To Unknown Person

This morning I got a message from Unknown Person and that Unknown Person wanted to talk to me, but I was tired and I wanted to sleep. I think that the Unknown Person understood that, but I think the Unknown Person was upset with me and not talking to them. For that Unknown Person to understand, I was tired and I had problem sleeping that night and I have been having problems with my back. I have notice that if i do not sleep enough I have very bad pain in my back all day. I know that Unknown Person “miss me,” but there is time that Unknown Person does not show what they feel and its hard a lot of time to understand the true intent of that Unknown Person. Note: to the Unknown Person, this is in noway saying anything bad about you, but me telling you that i am sorry for it and not to take way I act as a rejection or anything like that, but sometimes I am just I am tired and i need sleep.

I am sure I am not the only one that has an Unknown Person in their life that they have or had issue with and you can not understand the true meaning of the feeling at hand.