Garden of Memories

There is a cemetery by my house that  has head stone looking mark that says “Garden of Memories”. If you really think about it, it is place of memories, but when time goes on these memories are forgotten through history. The people that remember them might be long gone or might be still alive, but we will never know this. When I was there I seen one or two people that have visited the place where their memories are at. Only one i could remember was the little girl’s head stone I have in this post. The oldest head stone I seen there was from 1840, but who is still alive to remember that person?

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One of the head stone there is very sad because it was of an eight year old girl. If look at her head stone it the design on it was from her just before she die. I think it was very nice for the family to do that, so they have something to remember her by.

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There was one family that I was looking that had 3 children. All the children died with-in one year of being born. The interesting thing was that they named on of the children “Baby Boy,” which would indicate the child died with-in few days of being born.

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The father here was the second oldest head stone I found in this cemetery dated 1842.

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Here is a family plot where the father and mother and their children and their husband and wives are buried. Another, interesting thing is a lot of them died in the same year and two of them born and died in the same year, too.


These two people about 90 years and husband and wife. The wife died on same day she was born and the husband  died with-in 4 days of them being born. They had a child that was five days old when it died. Looking at how old they were, you might wonder, if they tried to have another child?

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This person I that was interesting they only live for 24 years, what happen to that person to have them died so young?


This one is of mother and daughter. The mother live for almost 100 years, but the daughter only lived for about 47 years.


A cemetery is really garden of memories that are remember by the people that are still alive and when those people are long gone those people are no longer remembered. The only people I think might remember are the care takers of the cemetery even then those people died over time and people are forgot in course of time. If we did not have history book about people, their stories would long gone and no-one will remember them. I have ask yourself, who is going to remember me in 50 or 100 years from now?