Natural Carbonated Soda

So, we were looking for coconuts and this person near the house was selling them. So, we tried to get some, but they were not there or sleeping. There was huge pile of them in front of the house. After, the third time trying to get the people were awake.

So, we tried one, he was using very sharp knife to chop off the outer shell of the coconut. When they get off the tree they are not small and round like you would buy in the use markets.

So, he cut small hole in it and put straw into it and we just drank from the freshly cut coconut. The taste of the juice was very unique. It was like a carbonated vineger soda.

After drinking all the coconut juice and eating the fresh coconut, I got a little sick to my stomch, so had to eat some peanut butter to make feel little better, it was feeling better until I went on multi-cab ride now it is all mixed up in my stomach.