Snow storm turned into freezing rain

The snow storm turned into rain and made a thin coat of ice everywhere.

Here are some icicle that formed on the deck on the side of the house.

  1221081202  1221081203  1221081536

Some Pictures of my car, can see snow and ice on the it. Strange thing is that the one of tires is flat. I do not know how that happened.

  1221081207a  1221081207  1221081206

  1221081205a  1221081209a  1221081209

This is picture of the other car.


Picture of some of the trees and plants in the yard and what the drive way looks like. All the freezing rain took and froze all the snow to the trees and plants.

  1221081208a  1221081208  1221081208b

  1221081559b  1221081558a  1221081453a

There are some bamboo trees in one of the neighbor yards and they are about 12 feet high, but because of snow and ice they about 6 feet high now.

  1221081453b  1221081454a  1221081452a

  1221081452b  1221081452  1221081451a


This last one is of spider web that was frozen by the freezing rain.

  1221081204a  1221081204

I was out taking some picture of the neighbors yard and I saw some SUV coming up the road, do i decide to tape them. One of the truck kind of got stuck in the snow and the same people got stuck with an ATV.

I decide to record the back yard, it look very nice there.