MythBusters Apologize for Cannonball Experiment Gone Wrong

On Tuesday, a cannonball was launched during the filming of the show, but it missed its intended target and landed in a neighborhood.

The cannonball shot through the door of a home, damaging the inside and exiting through the back, only to land in a minivan.

MythBuster hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman visited the damaged home in Dublin to apologize to the homeowners.

“This is the worst we can imagine happening,” said Adam Savage. “I have kids of my own, I have a house of my own. I can’t imagine how angry I would be to have this happen to it.”

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department says the TV show has used the firing range close to 100 times before without any problems.

The stars of the show say they won’t be firing any cannonballs in the area again.

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