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Sunday, September 20th, 2009

I was on and was looking at the upcoming fall shows. They had show from the 80’s on there called V.  The last show was a mini series that lasted i think one or two weeks. It had good effect for that time and the new version has even better effects in it. From what i can see from the trailer, it has the same plot as the old show, but with different twist to the characters.


One of the character in the show is Elizabeth Mitchell, she plays a FBI agent. Some people will remember her from the show Lost. I did not know she was in Lost, I have only seen her in couple movies. Here is interesting video someone made with picture of her. It have very nice song with it that I like. Song is about hope that you can work though hard things in life with someone that you love and you both can cope with it no matter the time or distance.

House M.D.

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

I was watching the last episode of season 4 of House M.D. and it was interesting one. At one point in the show i was not sure what was reality or not, but what was really sad it what happen to him at the end of the show. He committed himself to a Psychiatric Hospital and they play the song As Tears Go By from the Rolling Stones. This is sad song about the person losing something..I do not know if it child or another person close to them. It was kind of fitting song for the last few minutes of the show because the person that Lisa Cuddy was not happy even though she was at a wedding and the person she was in-love with was getting committed to psychiatric hospital. You could see it on her face.