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Tabrett Bethell Alluring Eyes

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Going off the post about Ellen Pompeo alluring eyes.  I thought,  I would post something about Tabrett Bethell, who is very sexy and who has very sexy eyes, too. In a few of the pictures she is smiling, which is an enjoyable thing to see because  she is more of serious character. I think she very talented because of the dynamics of how she express herself and makes you believe you were really there experiencing  it with her.

All the photo are from and I wanted to give that person credit for having the pictures for everyone to see and taking the time to make screen captures of them.

Ellen Pompeo

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

I watch a show called Grey’s Anatomy and the main female character is Meredith Grey, who is played by Ellen Pompeo. If you were to see her, you might not think she is all attractive. I personally do not think she the most attractive person on the show, but there is something about her that makes you find her appealing. I was talking to person at work about her and he give reason why it might be why, he said, “It’s the Eyes.” Upon looking at her, I can tell why he would say that. If look at her eyes, they are alluring and you see the best thing about her because of that you fall in-love with her as the character and as person. I have seen her is other movies and I can say its the same thing. Even though she had very short scene in Catch Me If You Can, you can see that same allure that she has is Grey’s Anatomy.

Tron Legacy

Monday, April 12th, 2010

I was doing a search on House M.D. and found out that Olivia Wilde is in Tron Legacy. I remember the first Tron movie and it was good when it came out… So thought I would post the trailers to new movie. It also has Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges, which are part of the original cast. I was watching the original trailer and the CGI was good in that day, but they look kind of unrealistic and kind of look like a cartoon show.

I use to play the game when I was younger.. I was OK at the game, never beat it though…

If you want any other information about the movie you can go to Tron Legacy

This the Original Movie from 1982. Disney is making the new movie after 28 years!

The New movie that is coming out on December 17, 2010.